The Team

It all happened so quickly.

A Twitter conversation 5 years ago turned into many coffees between friends, which turned into a shared vision of celebrating women in our aged care industry.

But who are we?


Amanda Terranova

Author, Marketing, Aged Care Advocate

Marketing + Brand | Science + Art

According to Myers Briggs*, Amanda has an original mind and great drive for implementing ideas and achieving goals. She quickly sees patterns in external events and develops a long-range explanatory perspective.

She is the Author of ‘Shut Up’: a collection of thought bubbles wrapped in the pages of a book. Amanda is motivated to give back to the community through board directorships, mentoring tomorrows aged care leaders, and helping us all shine with her positive mindset and determination to showcase the brilliant work our industry brings to the communities we live in

In life, Amanda practices a cool head & warm heart philosophy.


Samantha Bowen

Samantha Bowen

Board Director, Mentor, Workforce Advocate

ADVOCATE + YOUNG LEADER | mentee + mentor

Samantha is unshakable optimist, lover of tribes, entrepreneur and aged care influencer. On a mission to help our emerging leaders and passionate change makers build the workplaces they thrive within.

She’s created a successful mentoring program for aged care leaders, hosts a great podcast (Grey Revolution), is a Board Member for the NHMRC'S National Institute for Dementia Research, and ambassador for LASA’s Next Gen initiative.)

All Samantha wants is for every generation to work together to build a future we all want to grow old in. A tribe of connected people on a journey supporting their staff - who in turn support the people needing and receiving care.