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When Jenny was growing up, her goal was to get a job to help support her family. It wasn't until both of her parents were in aged care that she became aware of her passion for helping people. Jenny now cares for a range of residents with dementia in an aged care centre providing person-centred activities.

These are just a handful of the inspiring women who work tirelessly in aged care whose achievements are profiled in the social media campaign #CelebratingWomenInAgedCare …


When was the last time you were celebrated? Samantha and Amanda have committed to sharing the inspiring profiles of women from anywhere in the world, who work in aged care in 2019 …


Women working in the aged care industry across the globe are being recognised and celebrated as part of a new social media campaign. Only a week in, the project has received profiles from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Ms Bowen says she’s excited to see the range of women who have reached out in the early days of the project …