Are you proud to work in the aged care industry? 
We're excited to introduce you to just some of the women we all work alongside.

We're inspired by Dr Kirstin Ferguson's #CelebratingWomen project, when in 2017, Dr. Kirstin Ferguson became fed up with the vicious online abuse of women. She turned to social media to create the #CelebratingWomen campaign, profiling two women from anywhere in the world and every walk of life, every day for 1 year.

Samantha Bowen #364 and Amanda Terranova #563 were both celebrated during the campaign.

Amanda Terranova and Samantha Bowen are fed up too. Fed up with the negativity directed at our aged care industry and want to see more celebration, more positivity about the people working in the industry  - those who inspire us every day.

Amanda + Samantha have committed to sharing the inspiring profiles of women from anywhere in the world, who work in aged care in 2019.

Every woman who wants to participate in #CelebratingWomenInAgedCare and submits their profile in 2019 will be included.

forget the ladder, thrown down the whole bloody net to support the women in our lives.
— Dr. Kirsten Ferguson

Samatha and Amanda met via Twitter before they met in person. Becoming great friends with a shared passion for all of the positivity that surrounds them. Both women are working in aged care, passionate about its future and inspired by the women around them.

Did you know over 80% of the workforce in aged care in Australia alone are women?

Inspired by Dr. Kirstin’s campaign they reached out to her directly.  They asked if they could 'borrow' part of her hashtag, they were not surprised when she said “Go for it! Sounds like a wonderful idea and you will definitely be throwing down the net.”

We are delighted to launch the #celebratingwomeninagedcare campaign.  We are proud to work in the aged care industry and we are excited to introduce you to just some of the women who we all work alongside.

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